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6 Universal Truths for Being Happy Together

Life on Earth can be a beautiful experience, but it also comes with heartache, loneliness, and discouragement. Recurring problems cycle through every generation: discrimination, civil unrest, political hatred, and conflicts among nations.

One People One Planet lays out a clear path to help us all increase our happiness and live peacefully on this planet. The six universal truths presented —gleaned from the founders of the great world religions, world-renowned philosophers, and cutting-edge research in the field of positive psychology—can help us:

- Overcome our fabricated egos
- Refrain from judging other people
- Engage in healing good deeds
- Forgive others for their offenses
- Share the good fortunes in our lives
- Help the needy in our communities

Discover the inspiring stories of remarkable individuals who have transformed their lives from dark despair to authentic joy, and learn how to apply the same principles in your own life. As you do, you’ll unlock new levels of happiness, improved relationships, and a more fulfilling community.

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100 Cities.
100 Entrepreneurs.
Nine Keys to Success!

These keys were gleaned from interviews conducted with 100 small-town entrepreneurs during a remarkable bicycle ride from the west coast of Oregon to the east coast of Virginia.

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I regularly speak at conventions, seminars, corporate events, schools and universities. I teach people how to build successful organizations.


I have consulted with dozens of startup companies and large corporations. I assist with strategic planning and help leaders effectively implement their plans.


I have worked with and interviewed hundreds of successful entrepreneurs in a wide variety of industries. Here are some of my favorite role models.

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